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This is my personal tribute page to Be Bop Deluxe, a great band from the 70's.  Bill Nelson was its guitar hero leader.
They only made five original albums, and one live one, but they are all great.

Bill Nelson went on to making all kinds of electronic ambient music, and still does so today. Be Bop Deluxe were a mix of glam rock, electronic experimentation music, and straight out rock and roll.

They came out the same time, in the same genre', as David Bowie, and T Rex. 
Paul McCartney watched them record their first album at Abbey Road studios, and remarked that he was very impressed by their performance.

Bill Nelson is the epitome, and even characture of the blazing steel- breasted guitar hero.  His low, deep resonant tones, and the searing, melodic guitar solos emanating from his stereo, semi-acoustic, cherry sunburst Gibson 345 are his trademark.

His guitar playing, along with his offbeat, lyrical metaphors, make Be Bop Deluxe some of the greatest rock guitar music of all time.

Bill Nelson's guitar solo on "Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape" from "Live In The Air Age" album is nothing less than magnificent.

It is some of the most musical, emotional guitar playing I have ever heard.

It can be difficult to find Be Bop Deluxe CD's today.
If anyone has trouble finding them I am open to trades.
I also have a couple of DVD videos of them. The quality of them is not perfect but I am willing to trade for them. 

For much more Be Bop Deluxe and Bill Nelson information including biographies, and pictures, be sure to visit Bill Nelsons Official Site:

Permanent Flame - The Bill Nelson Web Site


Please sign my guest book for this great band.
I have to say the people signing this guest book really love this band as much as I do, and that's great to hear. Thanks for all your enthusiasm.  Bill is alive and well and likes to hear it too,
Peace, BobbyShred.

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 Be Bop Deluxe Album Covers

Be Bop Deluxe Albums
  • Axe Victim 1974
  • Futurama 1975
  • Sunburst Finish 1976
  • Modern Music 1976
  • Live in the Air Age 1977
  • Drastic Plastic 1978
  • Be Bop Deluxe Radioland BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert 1976
  • Raiding The Divine Archive - The Best of Be Bop Deluxe
  • Singles A's and B's
  • Be Bop Deluxe - Air Age Anthology 1997 2CD
  • Be Bop Deluxe - Tramcar to Tomorrow 1998
  • Best of - Homemade Favorites

Be Bop Deluxe DVD Video


Be Bop Deluxe - DVD 1
Be Bop Deluxe- DVD 2
The Old Grey Whistle Test
  • Maid In Heaven
  • Sister Seagull
  • Ships In The Night
  • Fair Exchange
  • Forbidden Lovers
  • Down On Terminal Street
In Concert
  • Fair Exchange
  • Ships In The Night
  • Bring Back The Spark
  • Blazing Apostles
Bill Nelson Interview
With very short clips of: Ships In The Night, 
Kiss Of Light,  Do You Dream In Colour?,
Flaming Desire,  and Maid In Heaven.

Approximately 75 minutes running time.
Format: DVD-R  U.S. NTSC

BBC Sight & Sound 
  • New Precision
  • Superenigmatix
  • Possession
  • Dangerous Stranger
  • Islands of The Dead
  • Lovers Are Mortal
  • Panic In The World
Don Kirshners Rock Concert
  • Bring Back The Spark
  • Twilight Capers
  • Modern Music
Midnight Special
  • Panic in The World
  • New Precision
  • Maid In Heaven - music video

Approximately 56 minutes running time.
Format: DVD-R  U.S. NTSC

Click Here to see a clip of the OGWT DVD1 disc in the Real Player  format.

Please give the movie a minute to load.

Note that the entire DVD is not of this high quality.
The material is very old, the quality varies.

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Click Here to see a clip of the DVD!
Click Here to see a clip of the BBC Sight and Sound DVD 2 in the Real Player format.

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Here are some screen shots from the Old Grey Whistle Test DVD.
I think it is the better of the two videos.

Here are some screen shots from the BBC Sight and Sound DVD.

 Be Bop Deluxe Links

Be Bop Deluxe / Bill Nelson's Permanent Flame Site

Bill Nelson's Official Site

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 Bill Nelson as he is today.


Be Bop Deluxe Midnight Special, Be Bop Deluxe BBB Sight and Sound. Be Bop Deluxe Live video.