Infinity Servostatik 1

The Servostatik 1 was Infinity's first speaker. It was originally developed in a garage by Arnie Nudell, Cary Christie, and John Ulrich. Arnie and John were aerospace designers for Litton in Southern California.

It was a unique design for the time in that it used a servo controlled 18” woofer from Cerwin Vega.

The system consisted of two electrostatic panels for the highs and midrange, a separate bass commode, and an Infinity designed crossover/bass amp.

Servo Static
  • Multiple Electrostatic tweeters & midranges
  • 2 paper midranges
  • Subwoofer
  • Amplifier for Subwoofer
  • circa 1968

Infinity's first model the Servo Static I, was released in 1968. The technology used was years ahead of its time. They had 7 electrostatic tweeters & 8 midranges of a ribbon design, that yielded an unmatched level of quality in the high frequency range. Some were even facing the back of the unit 180 degrees out of phase. They also incorporated the industry's first separate subwoofer unit that had it's own amplifier. It took a lot of power to run the Servo's as they were very inefficient. Stereophile tested the SS-1a and while they found it to sound excellent, they found it unreliable as it kept blowing tweeter & midrange elements. It was a great start and Infinity learned well from their mistakes.

Read Sterophile's review of the ServoStats here.

Midrange / High End Panels


Midrange / High End Panel

Panel Backs




Bass Amp

The Technical Manual for the Servostakik can be found HERE.

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